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43 Hour Improv Marathon

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

In 2012, I have decided to go insane and participate in an improv marathon that happens each summer at The Hideout Theatre. It’s coming up this weekend and I have been getting in shape, quitting caffeine, and trying to stay healthy to prepare. To spell it out simply, here’s what it entails:

  • 7 improvisers and myself will do 43 hours of improv in a row. We will do 43 different shows.
  • The theme or style of the show will change every hour. It might be a musical, improv games, a blank stage, a show in the dark, a show with puppets, or Charles Dickens, etc…
  • I will get 10 minutes of downtime between each show to eat, recharge, whatever
  • I have to be on the stage for all 43 hours, even if it’s asleep
  • I am crazy

I’m worried about my voice holding up since I had two vocal surgeries back in 2006. Read more about that on a Hideout Theatre blog post I wrote last week.

If you want to check it out, read the official schedule! Tickets are $5 each show. Please come out and support me as I will need encouragement and good vibes. Oh! It’s also a fundraiser, so come support the youth programs at The Hideout by buying a ticket.