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Sunday, February 21st, 2010

I’ve realized that I want to document day to day things in my life. This is mostly because I find my memory slipping. I used to be able to remember EVERYTHING. Maybe it’s improv that’s destroying my memory. So much happens and slips away that perhaps it’s contagious in my brain. I probably will not post to this journal much anymore. I will try to use it for professional postings once I return to the full time freelance world. For my personal life, I’ve created a livejournal account. Mostly because it seems to be simple and geared towards introspection and not blogging. If you are on LJ and want to read it (for some reason) let me know and I’ll send you the url to it. I do a lot of private entries. For once, I’m doing something for just me and not publicly exposed. It feels nice!

New Goals

Thursday, January 7th, 2010

Now that I’m feeling motivated again, I have decided some goals for the year. However, I’m not going to hold myself firmly to any of these. If they don’t happen, whatever. I just want to have fun during the process. In no particular order:

  1. Obtain a car
  2. Take more weekend trips to Texas locations and visiting friends in relative distance
  3. Spend less time thinking about what I should be doing and just do what I want at that moment
  4. Only do photography projects that interest me
  5. Continue learning Spanish, hire a tutor
  6. Exercise even more, scheduled preferably
  7. Start painting again
  8. Going to lunches, meals with more people one on one and really getting to know them
  9. Talk about myself less (ironic that it’s on my journal entry that’s all about me)
  10. Show / Find my family I appreciate them in other ways than just gifts and calling them
  11. Kill Dave Yakubik and his evil plans for dominating a hemisphere (he hasn’t picked the hemisphere)
  12. Discover more music / movies
  13. Record music to some compacity (even if I don’t show it to anyone)
  14. Do a photography series and show it in a gallery / coffeeshop
  15. Camping, tea party, canoe, ballroom dancing, two-stepping, gardening
  16. Habitat for Humanity
  17. Improv, obvious, but I don’t know to what extent
  18. HAVE MO FUN!!!!!!

2009 – A Year in Photos

Sunday, December 27th, 2009

I’m going through and taking this nice downtime to organize all my photos from 2009. I need to do some sort of timeliney / collage thing recap but I know that will take tremendous effor. What a crazy year for me in photography! This year it accounted for over 30% of my income and that feels pretty good. I don’t really have a goal in mind for photography, I just enjoy every moment of the process.

This year consisted of 13 weddings, five engagement sessions, ten headshot sessions, a few rock concerts, countless improv shows, photographing artwork, maternity photos, cast party photos, Out of Bounds Comedy Festival, Ladies Are Funny Festival, SXSW events, cute girls dressed as dolls, improvisers dressed like role playing game characters, multiple vampire shoots, risque couple shots (hush hush), commercial team photos.

I’m sure I missed something.

2009 Goals Thus Far…

Friday, October 30th, 2009

2009 has been mighty fine but moving much too fast. I write this on Halloween morning as I’m feeling rather depressed over the amount of personal journaling I’ve been doing (or lack thereof). In 2003, i purchased an empty black journal book and wrote so consistently in it that it became a joy to when several months passed. I had no format, I scribbled down ideas, lyrics, quotes from Joe Hannon & Vaughn, and it encapsulated my life. Now between facebook and a seldom posted-to blog, I keep records digitally. Then I realized that most of my memories used to be in photos that I took. But the photos I take now are mostly commissioned and there’s very little of friends. THEN! I realized that I don’t write super personal things on this site because I’m so tired of being negative and people asking me the next day “everything ok?” Too much transparency. So… I think two things need to happen. I need to keep a personal journal again and carry that thing around with me everywhere. I need to take my point and shoot with me and just capture moments and not worry about image quality. OR I need to post to a tumblr account or something like that. Twitter seems pretty dumb (yeah I’m saying it).

Back to the original intent of this post. I wanted to map out my 2009 goals that I’ve done and then what I’ve yet to accomplish.

  • Perform improv 1-2 times a month
  • Write more music
  • Exercise more often
  • Go to Europe (forthcoming)
  • Spend significant time in Ohio
  • See a new part of the country (Oregon)
  • Experience more Austin theater
  • Be published in Austin media (The Chronicle several times)
  • Visit Grandparents
  • Volunteer more (mostly work and not time, not ideal)
  • Teach Photography & HTML workshops

And what I’ve yet to do

  • Begin learning a foreign language
  • Photography art piece
  • Perform open mics with new songs and stand-up
  • Yoga
  • Volunteer more hardcore
  • Record music
  • Have a tea party
  • Have a camping trip with lots of folks
  • Grow some of my own food
  • Kiss a woman (just kidding!)
  • KIss a man (even more kidding!!)
  • Stab a dinosaur
  • Kayak reguarly
  • Buy a car (on the fence)
  • Stop using parenthesis (…)
  • Take ballroom or swing dancing lessons
  • Visit more family members
  • Learn controlled lighting more

There’s still time for these things and I’m really happy of what I’ve accomplished so far. My only regrets are that it went by so fast and so much of 2009 was missing out on fun in order to complete work or prevent illness. I found myself forcing early bed times and avoiding social functions for the sake of staying healthy. People are constantly asking me “where I’ve been?”. I always wonder why I don’t date more often and this is entirely why. How do people do it? How do they find time for each other if they don’t have time for themselves? To end on a positive note, 2009 has been the year of great friends in Austin and corroborated love for family.