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Tuesday, May 14th, 2013

So, I perform in a lot of  improv shows. In fact, it’s rare for me not to perform twice a week. This makes it progressively more difficult to get friends and people out to see you perform. It’s also usually during a prime fun time for most people (Saturdays at 8pm).

All of that, the show I’m currently involved in is NOT to be missed. It’s called Theatresports and it was created by Keith Johnstone (the man who created Maestro and several other formats). It pairs up two teams to face-off with improv challenges that can literally be anything (the first week, we had a paper airplane-throwing contest). Like most “competition” shows in improv, it’s not really about winning but getting you amped up and raising the stakes.

This upcoming weekend will be the third week of the run, and my second performance (I missed the second week). The inaugural show was phenomenal. The sold-out audience was booing judges (yes, there are judges), demanding a tie for the exhibition act, and screaming their heads off the entire show. The show feels more like a sporting event than anything I’ve been involved with. So come on out!

Every Saturday in May & June at 8pm. More info & tickets.

Send Us Your Secrets

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

Austin Secrets is back! This will be my third time performing improv in the show. If you are unfamiliar, Austin Secrets is a show about your secrets. We solicit people in the Austin area (or anywhere, actually) to submit real secrets anonymously. The director, Roy Janik, organizes several of them and a few from the popular publication “Post Secret” to be read and seen each performance. The performers then create improvised theatrical scenes inspired by the secret. It can become a hilarious situation or a heartbreaking moment (and/or anything in-between). For example, “I am in love with my marriage counselor” may become a ridiculous scenario in which a woman is flirting with her counselor in front of her husband. Or it can be a quiet and tense scene at home in which the couple confronts each other about it. Regardless, it makes for compelling theater and entertainment and the secrets are always treated and handled with care and respect. We are here to honor the human experience and all the facets of honesty. Cathartic and humbling moments are commonplace.

So! If you have a secret, follow this link and it may end up being used in our show:

Send Us Your Secrets!


43 Hour Improv Marathon

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

In 2012, I have decided to go insane and participate in an improv marathon that happens each summer at The Hideout Theatre. It’s coming up this weekend and I have been getting in shape, quitting caffeine, and trying to stay healthy to prepare. To spell it out simply, here’s what it entails:

  • 7 improvisers and myself will do 43 hours of improv in a row. We will do 43 different shows.
  • The theme or style of the show will change every hour. It might be a musical, improv games, a blank stage, a show in the dark, a show with puppets, or Charles Dickens, etc…
  • I will get 10 minutes of downtime between each show to eat, recharge, whatever
  • I have to be on the stage for all 43 hours, even if it’s asleep
  • I am crazy

I’m worried about my voice holding up since I had two vocal surgeries back in 2006. Read more about that on a Hideout Theatre blog post I wrote last week.

If you want to check it out, read the official schedule! Tickets are $5 each show. Please come out and support me as I will need encouragement and good vibes. Oh! It’s also a fundraiser, so come support the youth programs at The Hideout by buying a ticket.

Out of Bounds Promotional Photography

Friday, August 19th, 2011

I’m so excited for the 10th Annual Out of Bounds Comedy Festival happening this month in Austin, TX. I’m hoping to stay busy with work during that time, so I’m offering a special reduced price rates for head shots and troupe photos for any participating in OoB. If you are interested, check out some of my recent work:

About Me

I’ve been shooting since I was in junior high. I was privileged to have dark room training in high school and college. My degree is in graphic design and I currently freelance full time as a photographer & web designer in Austin, TX.

Rad folks I’ve done portrait photography for: PJ Raval, The Radio City Rockettes, Eater Austin, The Austinist, Parallelogramophonograph, The Frank Mills, The Hideout Theatre, Gnap! Theater Projects, ColdTowne Theater, Alamo Drafthouse, The Austin Chronicle,  John Erler, Buzz Moran, Tim Doyle, Marietta College.

Contact me for pricing and scheduling during Out of Bounds!