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Christmas! Face lifted?

Monday, December 27th, 2010

On Christmas Eve I tried to check Facebook as per my usual internet compulsions protocol. I find a warning that my account had been jeopardized by internet samurai (just kidding) and terminated due to a security breach. They gave me a contact for support, but I haven’t heard back yet.

What’s funny is that it’s been really nice without it. I didn’t feel like I lost anything when I found out. Even losing all those photos,contacts, and data didn’t disturb me one iota. I am most likely in a different situation than most considering all my photos are diligently organized and backed up on my computer (being a photographer dork and all). But I can’t think of an example that has permanent value. It made me aware of all the meaningless contact I have with folks day-to-day as a distraction.

I doubt I will stick to this, but… I’m considering not re-signing up. I’m sure when it comes time to promote something, I’ll cave. But let’s see how long I can last! New Years resolution! Now if I can only get rid of my Twitter account.

Christmas was wonderful this year. I came in on Christmas Day and it was just perfect. Everyone seems to be in a terrific mood.

Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts

Monday, December 13th, 2010

I don’t know why I never looked these up earlier…

I’ve learned some useful crap in just the last five minutes!

Fastest way to Transfer Files To / From MacBooks

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

So you have a lot of files or a really large file that you want to transfer from one computer to the other. Using the internet would be kind of slow and you might not have enough space on Dropbox, iDisk or whatever. If you have a relatively recent Macbook, you can turn your laptop into a big flash drive and use firewire (which is fast, my friends).

  1. Connect the two computers together with a firewire cable.
  2. Simply turn off your Macbook. Press the power button to turn it back on and immediately press and hold down the T key until you see the FireWire icon appears (like above).
  3. You’ll see on the other computer that your Macbook  appears like another hard disk or drive (like when you pop in a flash drive)
  4. Copy the files, do whatever
  5. Eject the drive when you’re done

I find this really useful when I want to backup files on my laptop for a trip or something. Some of my photo shoots can be upwards of 24 GB, so it’s super handy. Enjoy!

See the full documentaion from the Apple Website.

Facebook Friends

Friday, March 5th, 2010

I get a lot of flack for having many friends on Facebook. People love to make fun of me for it. They generally accuse me of “trying to look popular”, “wanting to feel popular”, or “trying to stay in touch with too many people”. All of which are marginally of insulting.

Here’s the scoop… Facebook is a social networking website. It does not reflect real life. I’ve never once consciously looked at the number of friends that a person has. Why would you? Who cares? I’ve spent zero minutes thinking about the number (except for when I get made fun of about it).

I feel lame for attempting to defend myself but I will present a few theories for the exorbitant amount of friends with the following:

A) I have traveled a lot, met a lot of friend’s roommates and friends in other cities. Playing music for awhile and crashing with strangers will score you a few folks.

B) Photographing weddings will guarantee making a few new acquaintances each time because it is such an intimate experience. You never know who you will have a nice connection with. Joey, the bride’s brother, wants to learn more about photography and requests me… Am I gonna say no to this guy and be an A-hole? Come on! (Job from Arrestd Development voice)

C) I accept any request unless I absolutely don’t recognize the name or that person gives me the willies.

D) I belong to an enormous improv community inundated with tech savvy and amiable folks.

E) When you do freelance anything, networking is the name of the game. You meet a girl at Bennu who does design but wants to outsource HTML projects, you slip her a card and she requests you. Shaboom.

I should write a “how-to” book.

So to all you haters out there, why are you counting? Are you jealous for some silly reason? I suppose I could go through and delete all the friends that didn’t quite stick in my life, but why would I waste my time. If you want more facebook friends for some reason, trying being nice to people and leaving your hometown every once in awhile.

Less hating, mo lovin’ Speaking of Mo, Happy Birthday!