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Send Us Your Secrets

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

Austin Secrets is back! This will be my third time performing improv in the show. If you are unfamiliar, Austin Secrets is a show about your secrets. We solicit people in the Austin area (or anywhere, actually) to submit real secrets anonymously. The director, Roy Janik, organizes several of them and a few from the popular publication “Post Secret” to be read and seen each performance. The performers then create improvised theatrical scenes inspired by the secret. It can become a hilarious situation or a heartbreaking moment (and/or anything in-between). For example, “I am in love with my marriage counselor” may become a ridiculous scenario in which a woman is flirting with her counselor in front of her husband. Or it can be a quiet and tense scene at home in which the couple confronts each other about it. Regardless, it makes for compelling theater and entertainment and the secrets are always treated and handled with care and respect. We are here to honor the human experience and all the facets of honesty. Cathartic and humbling moments are commonplace.

So! If you have a secret, follow this link and it may end up being used in our show:

Send Us Your Secrets!