Wannabe Elitists vs. Elitists

Townlake Dusk in Summer

The wannabe-elitist constructs and climbs their own social hierarchy based on where their interests and goals lie. A pure elitist sees through those games and considers themselves above all of them. I would like to strive for neither, although it seems impossible. The wannabee-elitist is self-serving and considers those who don’t want to play the game as flakes, or lazy, undriven, not up for the challenge, etc… The pure elitist’s philosophy, however, is prone to ennui, often caused by a rebellion against the wannabe-elitists. I don’t know which one I fit into more. All I know is… nice guys don’t finish last, they just don’t run the race because they don’t understand it or think it’s fleeting.

I’m just so tired of all of it. It’s hard not to imagine what others think of your actions. You can’t make them understand. You just have to not care. That’s the only real power you have.

3 Responses to “Wannabe Elitists vs. Elitists”

  1. DivaDeb says:

    Exactly. But, if you are doing a certain job, aren’t you incentivized by greed? Just look at Dave Chappelle … Oh, wait, bad example. Or school teachers … Oh, wait … Greed is good? Uhm … Bad? But why would anyone do anything if it weren’t for money or fame or some other personal gain? Hmmm … Maybe there are other reasons? Sometimes NO reason? Huh.

  2. Josh says:

    There is nothing wrong with elitism as long as you are god enough. And you are. So don’t worry about it so much.

  3. Jon Bolden says:

    Josh, you wrote “god enough”, which I laughed at. You are too kind, sir.