Oh, Spine…

I recently have been feeling strange weakness in my arms and back. My hands have started to go numb occasionally and I generally just feel super uncomfortable while working on a computer. I decided, after scrupulously filtering recommendations, to see a chiropractor. Just as I suspected, I got some problems.

The photo above is not my actual X-Ray, but the X-Ray of a normal top-of-the-spine connecting the head and back. I was told a normal spine curve is like a subtle “C” (much the one above). The orange line represents the shape my neck is currently in which is must less curved. This means that where the vertebrae where C7 is placed is pinching a nerve because of the sharp angle in which connects with the above vertebrae.

Now, I am normally skeptical of chiropractors in general, but this doctor came highly recommended by a dear friend and I essentially received a nice hookup. My insurance covers 90% of it, so I really have nothing to lose.

I must exercise and stretch more. Today, I walked to the basketball court adjacent to my block and shot hoops for about 30 minutes. I couldn’t believe how much better I felt afterwards. I really need to embrace the joys of getting my heart rate up and stretching my body out.

This back stuff is kind of a shame considering all the wonderful things happening in my life right now. But… we deal with changes as they come. In my life, I’ve found that change almost always results in things getting better. Injuring my neck / back is a sign that I need to make a change anyways and I will ultimately be glad I did. The pain now is part of the happiness later (name that movie quote!).

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