New Goals

Now that I’m feeling motivated again, I have decided some goals for the year. However, I’m not going to hold myself firmly to any of these. If they don’t happen, whatever. I just want to have fun during the process. In no particular order:

  1. Obtain a car
  2. Take more weekend trips to Texas locations and visiting friends in relative distance
  3. Spend less time thinking about what I should be doing and just do what I want at that moment
  4. Only do photography projects that interest me
  5. Continue learning Spanish, hire a tutor
  6. Exercise even more, scheduled preferably
  7. Start painting again
  8. Going to lunches, meals with more people one on one and really getting to know them
  9. Talk about myself less (ironic that it’s on my journal entry that’s all about me)
  10. Show / Find my family I appreciate them in other ways than just gifts and calling them
  11. Kill Dave Yakubik and his evil plans for dominating a hemisphere (he hasn’t picked the hemisphere)
  12. Discover more music / movies
  13. Record music to some compacity (even if I don’t show it to anyone)
  14. Do a photography series and show it in a gallery / coffeeshop
  15. Camping, tea party, canoe, ballroom dancing, two-stepping, gardening
  16. Habitat for Humanity
  17. Improv, obvious, but I don’t know to what extent
  18. HAVE MO FUN!!!!!!

3 Responses to “New Goals”

  1. Sam says:

    Clearly the best way to have more fun is to visit me!

  2. ChristaLou says:

    Jon! Spanish? I haven’t tutored in almost 2 years and I’m getting rusty, in need of an excuse to brush up. We should practice!

  3. Jon Bolden says:

    Christa! Let’s make it happen. Soy listo (is that right?). Vamos!