Before & After

Before After

People often ask me about “enhancing” my photos. I like to use the word “develop”. When you shoot a RAW photo with a manual camera, there’s little to no interpretation involved. A simple “point and shoot” automatic camera will make interpretations about color, contrast, sharpness, and exposure. The immediate results will often be more appealing than a professional SLR shot that is RAW. The contrast is usually low, colors dull, and no cropping / straigtening made. This is the number one reason why I don’t upload photos the very next day I take them. I want the opportunity to crop, set white balance, and adjust contrast to interpret the photograph in the way I originally experienced. I also want to exclude multiples or blurry shots. The pictures tell a story and they represent your work.  Here’s a simple shot before and after with slight color increase, contrast boost, and photoshopping the hair out of her forehead.

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