Improvised Dickens

I’ve been very lucky to be casted in the Hideout Theatre’s run of improvised Charles Dickens stories. Rehearsals have been much more challenging than I anticipated. It’s a totally different critter than the other longform narrative stuff I’ve dabbled with. Dealing with language, dialect, and keeping your actions within the realm of Dickensian expectations is difficult. Tossing in Victorian England ´╗┐minutiae is fun though. Players will endow each other with hilariously British sounding names such as “Miss Pennyfoot” or “Thomas Floppytons”. And the antagonists will receive dreadful sounding names like “Mr. Thickstick” or “Col. Coldstone”. My favorite characters to play are irrelevant orphaned boys and overly feeble servants ( ala Smike from Nicolas Nickleby). It’s a strong cast and we go up on Satudays in Nov & Dec. I’ll be sure to post any photos, posters as they are published.

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