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2009 Goals Thus Far…

Friday, October 30th, 2009

2009 has been mighty fine but moving much too fast. I write this on Halloween morning as I’m feeling rather depressed over the amount of personal journaling I’ve been doing (or lack thereof). In 2003, i purchased an empty black journal book and wrote so consistently in it that it became a joy to when several months passed. I had no format, I scribbled down ideas, lyrics, quotes from Joe Hannon & Vaughn, and it encapsulated my life. Now between facebook and a seldom posted-to blog, I keep records digitally. Then I realized that most of my memories used to be in photos that I took. But the photos I take now are mostly commissioned and there’s very little of friends. THEN! I realized that I don’t write super personal things on this site because I’m so tired of being negative and people asking me the next day “everything ok?” Too much transparency. So… I think two things need to happen. I need to keep a personal journal again and carry that thing around with me everywhere. I need to take my point and shoot with me and just capture moments and not worry about image quality. OR I need to post to a tumblr account or something like that. Twitter seems pretty dumb (yeah I’m saying it).

Back to the original intent of this post. I wanted to map out my 2009 goals that I’ve done and then what I’ve yet to accomplish.

  • Perform improv 1-2 times a month
  • Write more music
  • Exercise more often
  • Go to Europe (forthcoming)
  • Spend significant time in Ohio
  • See a new part of the country (Oregon)
  • Experience more Austin theater
  • Be published in Austin media (The Chronicle several times)
  • Visit Grandparents
  • Volunteer more (mostly work and not time, not ideal)
  • Teach Photography & HTML workshops

And what I’ve yet to do

  • Begin learning a foreign language
  • Photography art piece
  • Perform open mics with new songs and stand-up
  • Yoga
  • Volunteer more hardcore
  • Record music
  • Have a tea party
  • Have a camping trip with lots of folks
  • Grow some of my own food
  • Kiss a woman (just kidding!)
  • KIss a man (even more kidding!!)
  • Stab a dinosaur
  • Kayak reguarly
  • Buy a car (on the fence)
  • Stop using parenthesis (…)
  • Take ballroom or swing dancing lessons
  • Visit more family members
  • Learn controlled lighting more

There’s still time for these things and I’m really happy of what I’ve accomplished so far. My only regrets are that it went by so fast and so much of 2009 was missing out on fun in order to complete work or prevent illness. I found myself forcing early bed times and avoiding social functions for the sake of staying healthy. People are constantly asking me “where I’ve been?”. I always wonder why I don’t date more often and this is entirely why. How do people do it? How do they find time for each other if they don’t have time for themselves? To end on a positive note, 2009 has been the year of great friends in Austin and corroborated love for family.

Logged into Google? Results Tricked!

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

I typed in “Austin Web Design” to see where I came up and I came up second! I was so thrilled. How could I get the second listing for such a hot search with virtually no content on my site.I was really suspicious so I had someone else search and it was nowhere to be found.

Mystery!!! But wait… What happens if I log out of my Gmail account (thus logging me out of Google)? Well it turns out if you are logged into Google, your websites will come up before others. Does that seem strange to anyone?

Improvised Dickens

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

I’ve been very lucky to be casted in the Hideout Theatre’s run of improvised Charles Dickens stories. Rehearsals have been much more challenging than I anticipated. It’s a totally different critter than the other longform narrative stuff I’ve dabbled with. Dealing with language, dialect, and keeping your actions within the realm of Dickensian expectations is difficult. Tossing in Victorian England ´╗┐minutiae is fun though. Players will endow each other with hilariously British sounding names such as “Miss Pennyfoot” or “Thomas Floppytons”. And the antagonists will receive dreadful sounding names like “Mr. Thickstick” or “Col. Coldstone”. My favorite characters to play are irrelevant orphaned boys and overly feeble servants ( ala Smike from Nicolas Nickleby). It’s a strong cast and we go up on Satudays in Nov & Dec. I’ll be sure to post any photos, posters as they are published.

Harvard CS Videos – Web Design

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

So a big part of being a web designer is having knowledge of how web sites are constructed. Knowing about DNS, https, SSLs, javascript, script/server stuff will all make you a better web designer. Harvard Extension School’s Computer Science has a series of podcasts with videos, audio, and downloadable slides all dedicated to crash course in dynamic web buidling. They’re pretty amazing and FREE! Topics include Frameworks, Ajax, SQL, PHP, Security, Mashups, Javascript, XHTML, CSS, and more! The best part is the lecturer is captivating and speaks at a pleasant speed. He’s not uber geeky and finds great metaphors.


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