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Death Cab for Cutie Discography

Sunday, August 30th, 2009

I don’t know why I feel compelled to write this. I’m not a music reviewer nor do people really care what I think about bands.

Yesterday I listened to Death Cab for Cutie’s entire discography while doing work on my computer. I encourage anyone to listen to their earliest records just to see what an interesting career this band has had. Something About Airplanes and We Have the Facts and We’re Voting Yes are two records filled with what, at that time, was the typical “indie rock” sound. Sad sounding instruments, tons of dissonance, and a relatively slow pace. It was some of the most depressing music I’ve heard at that point in my life. Still, there’s some honorable tracks and you can sense a genuine sense of art and expression (unlike later albums, I’m getting there).

My absolute favorite is The Photo Album which I feel is a real rock album. From start to finish, you get a sampling of DCFC’s best features. This might be where the majority of fans disagree with me, but DCFC is best as a ROCK BAND and not this slow, gentle, and dare I say pansy-ish romantic band. The Photo Album is filled with clever drums, soaring guitar melodies and lots of overdrive. It’s also sonically their best album (I don’t think Chris Walla is the best engineer… although his Nada Surf work is pretty impressive). Most of all, the lyrics are clever and biting but not “Wes Anderson” pseudo-hipster clever.

From there it’s a gradual slide into more produced sound with less heart and what I like to call “Young Professional Woman Trying to Hold Onto Her Creativeness” lyrics and music. I think Transatlantacism is great, but with some real weak spots and the beginning of Ben Gibbard’s slide into “gentle Ben” lacking any real genuine edge. “We Looked Like Giants” and “Tiny Bruises” still hold that rock feel that I grew to love about them.

After that, it just gets worse for me (granted, I’m speaking solely for me). Plans is a mess of muddy engineering and lyrics that sound like they came from the Project Manager at Apple standing in line at Starbucks because he’s too stupid to real local coffee places are better. People think DCFC’s new songs are “subtle” but they’re just quiet and boring. And actually they’re not subtle at all, they’re very direct. That drives me crazy when people say that. They’ve certainly went from a rock band to adult contemporary songwriters and “craftsman” if you will. I should point out that it’s completely valid to enjoy this band’s music at any stage. They’re a great band. But before you begin praising them at least recognize the difference between soulful rock music and pleasant sounding adult contemporary pop before you start pretending you’re this cool, hip, fan. It should be a red flag anytime you think you’re cool for liking a band anyways.

I want to see DCFC get hungry again.  * end of rant *

Franklin Puppy

Friday, August 28th, 2009

My friend Erin has a new puppy named Franklin. He is painfully cute.

Franklin Puppy

Franklin Puppy

Franklin Puppy

Your Own Songs on Rockband?

Thursday, August 27th, 2009


I actually never play guitar hero or rockband (I don’t own the system(s) for it). But my friend Alex sent this to me and it’s pretty crazy! Apparently you can create, download, and play your own rockband tracks online. I should do this so people can play “The Stalker Song” or “Waterford Girls” in Expert mode. Oh wait, my songs are insanely easy… Regardless, pretty cool idea.

The Hideout Theatre Site Launch

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009


For the last several months my friends whom own an improv theatre and I feverishly worked on a new site. Ideally, we wanted it to coincide with the theatre’s re-opening back in June but we realized that would’ve been insane and we probably all would’ve passed into the next life. But now it’s here! Have a look see at a new fully functioning site with an ecommerce design to match.