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First Scooter Wreck

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

So I had my first accident on my Buddy tonight. I had seven beers… just kidding. I was coming back from The Hole in the Wall (where I saw The Shake ’em Ups play). I headed for an intersection not realizing it was a one-way street. I immediately turned too sharply and slammed on both brakes. It dumped the scooter on it’s side. The backend was sitting on top of my leg. Twas crazy!

The worst part was that I just sat on the ground for 10 seconds and did nothing. The bike was still running and it slowly died. I assume gas wasn’t getting to the engine being tipped on the side. It must have messed up the engine for a second because it took a few minutes before I could restart the engine.

I eventually came to my senses, picked the bike up, and walked to the sidewalk. A cute college girl asked me if I was ok. Of course my helmet shield was still down and she couldn’t hear anything I replied. I remained too frazzled to think to put it up to speak.

Good news is that I had my first experience like that with not even a scratch on me or the Buddy. I need to practice stopping quickly and brush up on my reaction skills.

After School Improv Interview

Friday, January 23rd, 2009
Photo Courtsey of Parallelogramophonographs Flickr

Photo Courtsey of Parallelogramophonograph's Flickr

Kaci Beeler and Kareem Badr of our After School Improv cast were interviewed by The Onion: The Decider. In case you are not privy to it, The Decider is the localized part of The Onion that covers local arts, food, & entertainment (with their irreverent oniony edge of course).

Check out the interview

By the way, we have several more weeks of After School Improv! 8pm at The Hideout Theatre, 7th & Congress Ave, Austin TX. $10.

Lady Friend

Friday, January 23rd, 2009

As much as I hate commitement and am notorious for not wanting a relationship. I think I am ready to finally meet someone and have a real connection. This is the kind of stuff I said I would never post online. But here I am…

Leo Rondeau Photos

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009
Leo Rondeau Promos
Leo Rondeau Promos
Leo Rondeau Promos
Leo Rondeau Promos

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